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a bento-style bag

This zero waste pattern explains how to sew a tall rectangular tie bag that has some depth so your sh*t won't fall out as easily. Seriously, that's why I designed this pattern along with wanting something that could be reused year after year for wrapping presents for my family. Some of my favorite uses have been: turning the LARGE size into a market bag by tying a knot at the ends of the ties, packing pinic foods up in a LARGE size then tying a big knot at the top to use as an easy handle for carrying, and using a few of the MINI sizes to organize smaller thing in a larger bag.


  • a MINI size - use the deep interior to tie up smaller items

  • a LARGE size - use the large interior to tie up larger items or tie a knot at the end of the ties to make a market bag

  • CUSTOM sizes - directions to make custom sizes which are a great way to use up scrap fabric

  • all raw edges contained leaving a clean and beautiful inside. alternatively pattern gives directions for using a serger for a faster sew

  • zero waste pattern designed to use all the fabric and leaves no cut-off fabric that needs to be thrown away

  • no pattern pieces to print because the instructions walk you through cutting the fabric as needed

  • pattern has both imperial and metric measurements and sizing based on using a yard or meter to ensure zero waste for both

Uses: wrap gifts for others or for your own family to be used year after year, carry snacks, contain lunches or picnics, hold projects (like knitting, art making, whittling, the list could go on), organize bits n' bobbles, LARGE size can ben used as a market bag, etc.

Recommended Fabrics: lightweight woven fabrics (roughly 3oz-6oz) such as: cotton and linen. Fabrics with more structure and less drape are ideal. Best with quilting cottons.

Required Notions: Thread

Decide if this pattern matches your skill level:

  • Skills Needed: sew straight line on sewing machine, use iron & ironing board, and familiarity with reading sewing patterns

  • Skills Explained in Pattern: french seams, double top-stitched seams

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pattern updated 02/DEC/2021

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Planning on making a CUSTOM size ZW Rectangle Tie Bag?? You can use this calculator to find out the finished measurements of a bag by inputting the starting dimensions of the triangles you'd be using.

Starting Triangle Height and Base

"Step 5" Add Up 1st + 2nd Fold

"Step 9" Distance From Corner To Corner Sew Line

Finished Bag Dimensions