My Now Page

What am I up to... nowADAYS?


Surviving during continual pandemic times by:

  • Absolutely obsessing about trying to get chickens in the spring time.

  • Working on my second of zero waste sewing pattern, cuz I want it to exisit in the world and to my current knowledge the one I'm working on does not.

  • Volunteering at my son's school doing anything that doesn't involve direct contact with kids or money.

  • Dipping my toes back into coding with some mobile app development.

  • Working on my illustration, art and storytelling. Behind the scenes revamping my artist website to highlight my aim to tell stories.

  • Freelancing sporadically to help small business with anything web related.

  • Contemplating and researching possibly getting backyard chickens in springtime 2022. Writing a list of to dos and seeing if I can cross them off before February 2022.

  • Still slowly continuing to learn the ukulele. Need to get back in the habit of playing more than once a month.



'Hentopia' by Frank Hyman (208 pages)

'A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens' by Melissa Caughey (144 pages)

'Seedlings: Chickens' by Kate Riggs (24 pages)

'Bees: a Honeyed History' by Piotr Socha (80 pages)

'The Last Graduate' by Naomi Novik (391 pages)

'Where's Waldo? Double Trouble at the Museum' but Martin Handford (32 pages)

'101 Chicken Keeping Hacks' by Lisa Steele (175 pages)

'The Storyteller's Secret' by Sejal Badani (400 pages)

'The Muse' by Jessie Burton (416 pages)

'Leave Me Alone' by Vera Brosgol (picture book)

'Memory Jars' by Vera Brosgol (picture book)

'The Little Guys' by Vera Brosgol (picture book)

'Anya's Ghost' by Vera Brosgol (221 pages)



Getting Chickens in Spring 2022

Writing and Releasing a Sewing Pattern

Creating and Filming Very Short Tiny Stories

Make Zines?

Writing and Illustrating Children's Books

This page is ever changing, growing and adapting with me. It's a bit of an experiment. Let's see what happens.